The Information Assets Group

The Information Assets (IA) Group provides effective bespoke designed Document Management Solutions to manage, control and protect the "Information Assets" both at Corporate Wide and Departmental Levels of major Organisations in all market sectors of the UK Economy.

The IA Group provide solutions that offer many benefits to its clients, including: 

  1. Immediate economies in space
  2. Immediate economies in administration
  3. Security of data
  4. Flexibility of access to data
  5. Provide a long-term business partner
  6. Improved mobility for the workforce and access to data on the move
  7. Experienced team with a proven track record
  8. Compliance
  9. Risk, Disaster Recovery
  10. Minimal disruption and invasion to the business

The Information Assets Group has a broad range of proven technology applications to meet even the most complex information assets. Combined with a flexible approach designed to meet current and ongoing requirements, and a truly flexible and competitive approach to fees, the IA Group is an ideal solution provider to your information assets management requirements.

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Visit the Information Assets Group web site to read more about its information assets management solutions:

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