Mission statement

 Your data – and your information – is your most important and valuable asset. Therefore, it is important for you to be confident that any organisation handling your “information assets” has your best interests at heart.

Our ethos and values

All SDS companies commit to the following:

  • All IT activity for any client is equally carried out in-house at our headquarters (not subcontracted)
  • Secure electronic copies of client information are held in-house and also – dependent on each client’s rules – in client’s Country of status.
  • Every person working at our headquarters is a permanent member of staff. We do not use temps, and therefore can guarantee a high level of security and consistency.
  • In over 25 years we have never lost or damaged any client material. We have been entrusted with items valued in millions, as well as many heritage items that are “beyond value”. We constantly strive to preserve that record.