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The SDS Group comprises a number of specialist companies all centred around providing scanning and archiving of documents and data. 

The pages below provide more information about our companies, partnerships with other organisations, and links to other web sites of relevance.


SDS and partner web sites

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SDS Group (UK)

The main parent company, SDS Group’s services are all centred around the scanning of rare, precious and/or confidential document archives, with bespoke search and retrieval database solutions.

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SDS Heritage

Started in 2001, SDS Heritage specialises in the secure digital conversion of rare and priceless heritage archives. SDS Heritage can scan any document archive that is between one and 900 years...

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SDS Livery

SDS Livery provides expert document management solutions specifically for Livery Companies of the The City of London (and elsewhere).
With its services, livery companies can ensure the safety of its...

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SDS School Records Management

SDS School Records Management offer a wide range of solutions for managing all kinds of documentation and archived material held by schools and other educational establishments.
These include:

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SDS Enterprise Services (SDS-ES) provides Integrated Information Management Solutions and Services through our Industry Expert Consultants and IT teams. SDS-ES digitise and atomise clients’ raw...

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Property Information Assets (PIA)

Property Information Assets (PIA) specialises in providing property specific e-document management and bespoke database solutions combined with the scanning and digitisation of asset,...

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The Information Assets Group

The Information Assets (IA) Group provides effective bespoke designed Document Management Solutions to manage, control and protect the "Information Assets" both at Corporate Wide and Departmental...

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ToucanTech builds community software for schools, universities and companies. Its simple, beautiful system gives institutions the power to manage all alumni / community relations in one...

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SDS O&M Bureau

From conception to completion, The SDS O&M Bureau’s professional aggregation of documents service incorporates: liaising with subcontractors, collating and arranging the information into a...